Bottoms Up!

Dear Rabbi What’s the deal with drinking on Simchat Torah? I know there is a mitzvah on Purim but I have never seen a source to suggest the same for Simchat Torah. Is it really just an excuse for Rabbis to enjoy their tipple? Gerard   Dear Gerard First, how dare you call my Knappogue[…]

Forgive Me Father

Dear Rabbi I hurt someone pretty badly earlier last year and to be honest I don’t have the guts to apologise. Why can’t Yom Kippur atone for me the same way it does for everything else I might have done wrong. Surely G-d forgives all sin? Jason   Dear Jason If I slapped the Queen[…]

Rosh Hashanah – Election Fever

Three boys were walking along in Regents Park when they heard shrieks coming from a nearby pond. They looked and lo and behold it’s Jeremy Corbyn. The boys jumped in and rescued him. Ever the grateful one, he offered them each whatever they want. The first boy says, “I always dreamed of becoming a pilot.[…]