Who decides Charlie Gard’s life?

Dear Rabbi I was reading a lot about the Charlie Gard story and wondered about the Jewish perspective on who has the rights to determine the life of a baby – the parents or the doctors? Victor   Dear Victor Neither the parents nor the doctors have the right to determine the life and death[…]

To Divorce or Not To Divorce?

Dear Rabbi My wife and I have a terrible relationship. We are fighting and screaming all the time. I think our marriage is doomed but I am concerned about the social stigma. We are a frum family and in our circle it will affect our two children as they grow up and want to marry.[…]

Bottoms Up!

Dear Rabbi What’s the deal with drinking on Simchat Torah? I know there is a mitzvah on Purim but I have never seen a source to suggest the same for Simchat Torah. Is it really just an excuse for Rabbis to enjoy their tipple? Gerard   Dear Gerard First, how dare you call my Knappogue[…]

Forgive Me Father

Dear Rabbi I hurt someone pretty badly earlier last year and to be honest I don’t have the guts to apologise. Why can’t Yom Kippur atone for me the same way it does for everything else I might have done wrong. Surely G-d forgives all sin? Jason   Dear Jason If I slapped the Queen[…]