Rabbi Schochet is a highly sought after motivational speaker. He has lectured extensively across several continents. Below is a list of some of his many popular topics.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The stock market, marriage, kids, the mortgage, so many things fill us with anxiety and sometimes drag us down. How do we maintain a happy disposition in the face of it all? This talk will help you rethink your life and is guaranteed to make you smile.

Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? A Novel Approach to an Age-Old Question

From the Holocaust to personal challenges the lecture explores a sensitive approach to dealing with adversity in a way that looks to make sense from seemingly senseless suffering.

The Secret to Successful Relationships: The Frontiers of Marriage

Why do so many relationships go wrong? How can you make them right? Including the ‘Ten Commandments’ of marriage and how to get the spark back.

The Secret to Successful Relationships: Our Children Our Future

Are we doing the ‘kid thing’ right? Tips for successful parenting, disciplining without alienating, and making your child your best friend.

The Secret to Successful Relationships: How To Get Along With Difficult People

Does your work colleague really annoy you? Do you find your boss a pain? Is the person in the seat next to you in synagogue irritating you? Fed up with all the hypocrites around you? Learn how to take it all in your stride and see them all in a different light.

Where To From Here? A realistic look at Life After Life

Does life begin and end on earth? Explore the mysteries of reincarnation, guardian angels and the truth about heaven and hell.

The 3 T’s

Analysing the dynamics of Teshuva, Tefilah & Tzedaka. Can we really avert decrees and alter your destiny?

The Akeidah

An in-depth text based look at this enigmatic tale: Why it is so central to Jewish theology and how it paved the way for the formation of Christianity. (This talk is text based).

The Kosher Pig

A textual analysis about the immutability of the Torah and the annulment of Mitzvoth in the Messianic era. (This talk is text based).

Finding yourself in the crowd; Judaism & Individualism

When our Sages challenge us to be like our forefathers is it a reasonable request or setting the benchmark too high? Searching for the hero inside yourself and learning to be as great as you can be.

The Faith Factor: Does Anyone Still Believe?

Is faith really blind? Does it still have a role to play in a modern day world? How to bring G-d back into a G-dless society and communicate faith in the face of adversity.

The Kabbalah of Money: A Hard Look At Recent Financial Events From An Ancient Biblical Perspective

This highly acclaimed talk was called “riveting” and “an eye opener” by leading business professionals in the US and Europe. Exploring and analysing Biblical stories to understand Jewish attitudes toward money and materialism. Listeners Discretion: Not For the Faint Hearted

The Kabbalah of Coffee

You’re Life In A Cup!”
How to see a mirror image of your life in your coffee mug; Drinking coffee will never be the same again! *

The Challenge of the Jew in the 21st Century

Coping with change; Learning to take risks; Dealing with assimilation; and riding the waves of an ever shifting world.

Alpha Female

With the ever increasing feminist movement, and demands for more spiritual engagement within Orthodoxy, what really is traditional Judaism’s position on the role of the Jewish woman in a modern society?

Life Lessons the Rebbe Taught My Father

Having experienced a special closeness with the Rebbe, this lecture will look at some of the myriad of letters and stories between Rabbi JI Schochet and the Rebbe, and the life lessons we could all learn therefrom.

Gossip! Poison be thy name!

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. It has destroyed relationships, ruined friendships and even brought down a country: Analysing the spiritual, psychological and emotional perils of this common malice.

Searching For the Hero Inside Yourself

Why are you here? What is your purpose? This highly acclaimed talk will help you discover your inner greatness and find new meaning in life.

Whose Life Is It Anyway? Morality at the Frontiers of Medicine

An analytical look at some of the biggest dilemmas confronting the medical world today

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Is it really possible to love G-d whom you cannot see? Can I love Him even in the face of adversity? Seeing the bigger picture of life & the universe and learning to appreciate its Creator.

Loving Your Fellow As Yourself – A Realistic Objective Or An Abstract Ideal?

Is it really possible to love someone as much as yourself? What about those that you don’t agree with? Understanding what Judaism demands of us, plus, how to get along with difficult people.

Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut – The Power of Positive Thinking

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Does your thinking process affect your reality? This extremely popular talk has literally changed lives and will have you changing your attitude – forever looking up in life.

Jewish Unity

Our strength always lay in our unity and our weakness in our divisiveness. With a Jewish world made up of Orthodox & Heterodox; Chassidic & Litvish; Ashkenazi & Sephardic; Observant & Non-Observant – the question must be asked: Can The Twelve Tribes Ever Become One People?

Yizkor: Between Here & There – How we connect to our loved ones – How they connect with us

A powerful, emotionally charged talk on the bond between the living and those who have gone to their eternal rest—but are never gone.

Anti Semitism: It’s Cause – It’s Effect – It’s Cure

As this ancient malice rears its ugly head yet again, this no-holds barred talk looks at the roots of this phenomena, and the Jewish response.