Ban the Banning

A number of years ago the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation made headlines in the Jewish press because they banned Masorti leader Louis Jacobs from receiving a call up to the Torah on the occasion of his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. To be sure, this wasn’t their own decision. It came straight from the top of the then[…]

Rosh Hashanah – Election Fever

Three boys were walking along in Regents Park when they heard shrieks coming from a nearby pond. They looked and lo and behold it’s Jeremy Corbyn. The boys jumped in and rescued him. Ever the grateful one, he offered them each whatever they want. The first boy says, “I always dreamed of becoming a pilot.[…]

A New Year – A New You!

Rosh Hashanah is the day when we gaze upon the sunset of a year gone by; a year filled with so much universal pain and upheaval; a year riddled with so much chaos, turmoil and tribulation; a year in which yet more lives were devastated by the treacherous arm of terror; a year in which[…]


Last month I read a comment written by someone on social network on the final day of his saying Kaddish for his parent. He wrote about feeling the effect of the Kaddish during the first month of reciting it, then thereafter, nothing. Several others chimed in posting similar remarks, empathising with his experience. I was[…]

A Bad Case Of Double Standards

If there’s one thing I always advocate it is sticking up for one’s principles. I’ve often preached about the importance of respecting oneself and one’s own beliefs, lest others won’t respect you either. People readily identify those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. To be sure, we are all somewhat guilty of[…]