The Big Question

Sitting with an Imam on one side, a priest on the other and a Jewish anti-Zionist opposite was never going to make the question, “Is criticism of Israel Anti Semitic,” an easy one. That was the big question on yesterday’s BBC1 ‘The Big Questions’ programme. The question emerged on the back of MP David Ward[…]

Family Fortunes

Call me naive but if there is one thing I don’t get it’s when I hear about brothers and sisters who ignore one another or parents and children who haven’t spoken in years. One of my most tragic recollections as a Rabbi is the time I officiated at a funeral to which only half the[…]

Who Cares?

Officer Lawrence DePrimo has become a household name. On a cold November night, just a few weeks ago, the NY City police officer, on counterterrorism duty in Time Square, encountered an older, barefooted homeless man. Taking in the man’s plight, the officer disappeared for a few moments into a nearby Sketchers Store, then returned with[…]

Radicals In The Ranks

For all the political divides in Western society the one thing we all agree upon is our mutual resentment of the radicalism that defines many Middle Eastern countries. We look with disdain upon men who treat women as second class. We mock governments that mete out anachronistic justice. We detest those that regard democracy as[…]